My Amazing see-through Tape Wallet

Today I’m going to talk about something a little less technical than usual.  However, this experiment does have the ‘hack value’ which I usually pursue.  After working with my robotics team for the better part of the day, as we were about to get ready to go home, the other captain stayed behind to help me clean up.  After talking about matters of club business for some time, our conversation wandered.  At some point, he showed me his wallet for some reason, and I noted that it was made of duct tape.  I then mentioned that I needed a new wallet and asked how to make one out of duct tape.  As we were getting the stuff needed to make the wallet, I noticed a roll of packing tape sitting on the table from earlier.  This gave me an idea.  I could make a clear wallet from this tape.  Not caring that this would mean anybody could tell how much I’ve got, I decided to go ahead with my new plan.

Tutorials on how to make wallets from duct tape are all over the web, so I won’t talk about how exactly I did it here.  However, I’ll tell you about some fun stuff I did with y wallet after making the basic money-holding compartment.  Obviously I made ample pockets for cards and whatnot.  Then I got creative.  As I mentioned when Talking about my indispensable USB toolkit, I always keep some stuff handy on a USB.  Also, I used to keep my house key in a separate pocket in my old wallet.  I decided that I’d add more mini-pockets for a USB and a key.

Now my wallet has holders for a USB and keys.  A testament to the epic power of creative ideas. 🙂

Irrelevantly, Wargames is a great movie!  I’m watching it right now for the first time in a couple years and its distracting me from this post.  Anyway, I’m off to sleep after a few more moments.  Happy Memorial Day!


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