Summer and Opolyish

So it’s summer.  At last.  We’ve been waiting for it all year and it’s finally here.  I’ve celebrated by playing computer games, going on social outings, and writing a simple in-terminal game called Opolyish.  Feel free to to try it out.  Hopefully you can have some fun with it.  It’ll probably be better once I put up a more complete set of configuration files so you don’t need to make your own.  A friend of mine has volunteered to add the ability to play over a network to it, so that should also be good.  I’ll keep you posted.

Opolyish aside, I’ve also studied for the Wifu course I’m taking.  It’s a class made by those who maintain Backtrack Linux, and it’s rather fun stuff.  After that I need to do some more miscellaneous learning and focus on algorithms and preparation for USACO, the USA Computing Olympiads.  Then I’ve got reading to do and summer homework to do.  That’s my summer in a nutshell, except for the various trips which I’ll be taking approximately every other week.

well, thanks for reading tonight’s post.  I’ll probably be posting about once a week but on no particular schedule throughout the summer.


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